Letters from Children

The following excerpts are from letters written by orphaned children to their sponsors via our Child Sponsorship Program:

"Sincerely, the letter you wrote was so attaching to my heart. I would like you to know what you mean to me and it's that you make the world seem beautiful for you are the one who's filled my life with colors of love, the one who has shown me that love is caring and really understanding. You're truly the one who makes me feel so cherished and loved." S., aged 15

"I thank God so much who really brought us together because since we knew each other a lot of change I have experienced in my life. Praise Him for that. I do appreciate for our being together as many things changed in my life spiritually and humanitarily. During my ample time I offer short prayers for you so that God continually bless you with life, riches and opportunities. Amen." B., aged 15

"I am very happy for the letter you wrote and the photos (snaps) and stickers. I have appreciated your smiling face. Your handwriting is so nice in my sight. I am still smiling like a goat. When I am sleeping I dream about you and awake I start thinking about your love, kindness, peace, joy and your mercy. May God bless you abundantly." G., aged 13

"I am so grateful for this communication. I feel so great for this God given chance. I really thank you for what you did for me to get for me food, school fees. Thank you for that. I pray to God to give you mighty blessings and see His favor because you are doing a lot to see that I attain a bright future." V., aged 12

"Thank you very much for the letter. It was very great to hear from you and it was nice. We shall come to know more about each of us by replying and writing and I am sure I will keep writing to you every time I want to talk to you and I am sure I will be able to go ahead with my studies to fulfill my hopes and dreams and I am happy that my friends are sponsored." I., aged 13

"I think that you knew that I love you, that's why you sent me stickers with a sign of love (hearts). Thank God that our hearts are in different countries but both of them think the same, that's love to each other. I know my happiness is from you, be blessed. God has to aware you for the best you're doing for the children of Africa, wait for it anytime, any day from now because I pray so hard for you. May God bless you." M., aged 14