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Giving a gift is a way of supporting our partners by providing them with a sustainable source of income, such as milk from cows and goats. It reduces the need for hand-outs and restores dignity. Once you have bought a gift we will send our partner the funds to purchase it.

How Do I Give a Gift? It's Easy...

1. Choose your gift (or gifts) from our options below by clicking the appropriate "Add to Cart" button. For more information on each gift, hover your mouse cursor over the picture or name of the gift.

2. Under "Shopping Cart" on the right sidebar, click "View Cart" to see the items in your shopping cart or to proceed to check out via PayPal.

If your chosen gift is, for any reason, not practical (e.g., goats would also require a fenced pen which a particular orphanage may not have) the donation will be applied toward micro-enterprise projects. Our prices include a 10% administration charge.

baby chicks

Baby Chicks

Kenya $1.25 ea
Uganda $1.40 ea


Kenya $48.00 ea
Uganda $38.50 ea


Kenya $240.00 ea
Uganda $28.60 ea


Kenya $956.50 ea
Uganda $335.00 ea


Kenya $40.00/bag
Uganda $40.00/bag

Direct Assistance Packages



Please Contact Us to determine versions and quantities to fit your budget.

You can send a gift that will last forever and will transform lives.
OFA will work with you to determine the version and quantity that
will fit your price range. Prices start at approximately $75.00
(including shipping and handling to Africa) for a case of 50 New
Testaments. For more information please contact us.
For more information, please contact us.
• Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and essential vitamins
  and minerals for children, such as potassium and
  vitamins C and B6, as well as essential trace elements.

* 1 bag contains 25kg of potato seeds.
• A single cow can provide one of our partners with up to
  four gallons of protein-packed milk every day.
• One cow produces an average of 1,460 gallons of milk
  per year.
• A sow can provide a family with as many as 16 piglets
  each year.
• A pig can grow to a market weight of 250 pounds in just
  six months and provide a family with valuable income.
• A single goat can produce literally one ton of milk each
• More children around the world drink goats' milk than
  cows' milk.
• One hen lays more than 200 eggs a year.
• In addition to protein, eggs are an excellent source of
  vitamins A and E, folate and iron.
• Chickens scratch up soil and fertilize it with droppings.